Cuna de Lobos is an animated music video I have made for the band ÖÖ from Argentina during 2016.
Director, illustrations, concept and music by Alejandro Gómez.

The film has been included in the following festivals:
​​​​​​​- 2019 Anima Fest Gdansk (Poland)
_2019 MOHA Short Film Night (Hungary)
- 2018 Out for Blood (UK)
- 2018 San Mauro Film Fest (Italy)
- 2018 International Animation Festival Chilemonos (Chile)
- 2018 Art All Night Trenton (USA)
- 2018 Anim!arte (Brazil)
- 2018 Cinematic Panic (USA)
- 2017 Fake Flesh Film Fest (USA)
This project is very important for me, because I could develop something new and different that I am use to on my daily projects. And of course it is amazing that so many people from different countries had the chance to watch and enjoy my short film.
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